Awareness, do you practice what you preach?

My Belgium brother Eric Lemaire once told me: “Self-defence, in a nutshell, boils down to three things: Who you are,  Where you are, and 0 What you are doing there”. The more I thought about this, the more sense it makes. Let’s explore this statement for a minute: Let us introduce our imaginary friend Joe Bloggs and use him as an example: Joe Bloggs works as a Nightclub door supervisor. While technically the same person, on-the-job Joe is different than sitting-at-home-with-his-elderly-father Joe, and again different from chilling-by-a-pool-with-a-cocktail-in-hand Joe. Why is Joe Bloggs different every time? Simple: his awareness levels vary […]

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The most common modern-day attack:

Upon reading the title, one might conjure a vision of a new breed of MMA-trained bad guys, terrorists using Kalashnikovs and suicide vests. Truth is that, while those are (sadly) becoming common occurrences, monetary crimes are still king (and I am not talking about being held up at an ATM by a gun-toting criminal nor mugged in a dark alley by some junkie needing cash for his fix). While Personal Protection is an umbrella approach to self-defence, coving all aspects of Violence, how many of us really take the time to improve online safety? Someone once told me that Senshido, […]

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Great little book summarising the works of Dr Kiehl on Psychopaths. In short, he has found that PSPTHs have “defective” (my terminology) brains and those defects are observable on EEGs and fMRIs (Functional MRIs… they produce images of your brain as it performs tasks). In other words you are born a psychopath. Sociopaths are made, not to be confused. The subjects, in the study, had to be interviewed on their past, their crimes and answer a test designed by Dr Hare (an authority on the study of psychopaths), where your answers (20 0f them)  are scored 0,1,2 and based on […]

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Why should I do classes on top of seminars?

Because at seminars you barely scratch the top of senshido. You can take 75 of them, you will have made yourself a huge favor by increasing your survivability dramatically.  Periodical semis are the best for people that don’t or won’t train on a regular basis.  Semis don’t make you a senshido apprentice or certainly not an instructor (Laughable).  Doing a senshido class on a regular basis will however change a lot.  When I see a clip of “innocent victim vs evil michelin man” the people participating are doing a great job (no sarcasm)… But most of the clips end with […]

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