Great little book summarising the works of Dr Kiehl on Psychopaths. In short, he has found that PSPTHs have “defective” (my terminology) brains and those defects are observable on EEGs and fMRIs (Functional MRIs… they produce images of your brain as it performs tasks). In other words you are born a psychopath. Sociopaths are made, not to be confused.

51K8j3CN0HL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The subjects, in the study, had to be interviewed on their past, their crimes and answer a test designed by Dr Hare (an authority on the study of psychopaths), where your answers (20 0f them)  are scored 0,1,2 and based on that score, if you are above a certain level, you are a psychopath. Some sickos score 40 out of 40. I won’t go into the questions but the gist of it is that PSPTHs have no ability to empathize, Zero fear of consequences, cannot be shocked by anything, never assume responsibility for any of their actions (“Sure I killed her, the bitch was pushing my buttons”), they are unreliable, cannot or won’t plan ahead, any form of punishment is ineffective, usually have an average or superior IQ, generally can be very personable…. and more endearing qualities.

Again the goal of the study was to determine if those inmates who qualified (test scores) had abnormal brains. The tools used were EEGs and, as stated above fMRIs.

Here’s the low down… The EEGs showed abnormal P3 waves on all of them and the fMRIs showed an abnormal amygdala (“The integrative center for emotions, emotional behavior, and motivation…” ). Evidence showed issues with the limbic system (Don’t fucking ask me, I failed neuro-psychiatry) . Bottom line? a bullet is the only possible rehab. So how does this affect how we deal with these creatures? We talk about our “psychological toolbox” ad nauseam… verbal diffusion … manipulation skills, verbal initiators and all that stuff… is it applicable? Let’s explore this.

We know from Dr Hare’s test (I loaned the damn book to a friend of mine who is a criminologist doing his Master’s degree…. Hope I got this right LMFAO) that you can’t appeal or play with the PSPTH’s sense of responsibility, there is none…. Your usual cards are trumped since the creature does not function the same way as normal people. But we know that these aberrations (Can’t bring myself to call them people)  always seek gratification, sexual or other, they enjoy manipulating, have no fear of punishment, or consequences, are poor planners… have no sense of responsibility and all that, notoriously lazy, usually abuse alcohol and drugs and more…..    The prime  rule of a good con job is to tell the victim what they want to hear. In other words, he has to think he will get what he wants. It is on those lines that you have greater chance of manipulation. In this case, obviously, you are the con man who is trying to set up your escape, forceful or otherwise. So implying that you have a stash (dope) somewhere… or that you can do shit to him that will make him … (sexually) can buy you time… and time creates opportunity.

Obviously you cannot have him fill a questionnaire of 20 questions when he engages you… ” Scuse me, would you mind filling and answering these questions… ” when he engages you. But if you don’t get the expected reactions out of your usual “tactical prompts” well you have to assume that you are now dealing with a psychopath.  Hopefully you won’t put my theories to the test. In general (Good thing to remember) it’s easier to manipulate people using what they want or expect as your leveraging tool.

The Malevolent preacher.

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