Affiliate/ Instructor program

Do you have what we are looking for?        

Do you have a clean criminal record, are of good character, over 18 years of age, have a martial arts background and can display confidence,manner ,attitude, diligence and enthusiasm?  

Senshido Europe has opened its doors to our Affiliate / Instructor program. This is your opportunity to become part of a dedicated team of professional self protection instructors across the world who continue to lead the way in practical, memorable and effective self protection training that is renowned worldwide and has saved hundreds of thousands of lives around the world from suffering violence.

Our program is designed, to create a network of qualified instructors who will be able to instruct in a seminar, training group or privately, anyone of any age or ability, who wants to learn cutting edge conflict survival skills utilising SENSHIDO concepts.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Successful applicants must have a clean criminal record and will be required to undertake a irish affiliate logominimum of 20 hours one on one or semi private Instruction from one of our International team members  based within Europe. During this instruction you will be given a Complete understanding of Senshido core concepts using the appropriate teaching vehicles to optimise learning .We will teach you Class preparation, Group training management skills, method of instruction and self protection from a legal, ethical and moral perspective. You will delve deep into the psychological and behavioural aspects of violence and will be taught many formulas and strategies to avoid and defuse violent confrontations.  Successful affiliates will be licensed to teach Senshido core concepts and values  within their own club or organisation.

Selected affiliates with 3 or more years experience will qualify for our European instructor program.

Our instructor program will allow you to teach all Senshido modules, Fundamentals of personal protection, outnumbered but not outgunned,  on the cutting edge and our world renowned womens Safe for life program but to mention a few anywhere in your home country.

A full list of Senshido modules is available here.

It is through the European instructor program where we will develop future Senshido international instructors.

All affiliates / Instructors  will be given continuous education and  have access to our support network .

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