‘So much more than just Self defence’.


Proven sciences of tactical de-escalation and communicative strategies.

Self Protection Ireland is a mobile Reality Based Self Defence organisation set up by  members of the Irish Defence Forces and An Garda Siochana. Our teachings allow our  students to move from theory to practical application of skills in all areas and helps create  the proper mental blue prints needed to survive a violent confrontation.

SPI provides Seminars, workshops , personal training groups, and private instruction on  the holistic nature of personal protection through proactive empowerment. Our training  programs can be tailored specifically for you and your organisation’s security needs. All of  our programs include the following integral components of effective personal protection  built on these four pillars:

1) Avoidance through Awareness and Intuition

2) Tactical De-Escalation and Communicative Strategies

3) Physical Protective Offence

4) Post-Event Issues

SPI training is holistic, meaning we cover all aspects of violence from the pre-contact stages, the interviews and ambushes, the physical retaliation components, to how to properly deal with Gardai, medical services, etc.

Some of the many topics covered in typical training include:

• Dealing with Strong Emotions such as Fear and Anger and their Emotional Inertia

• Criminology and normative criminal behavior

• Developing the proper Survivor’s Mindset

• And so much more

Our training is suitable for the complete beginner to the experienced martial artist, be it traditional or combative martial arts. Mick O’Brien of  Self Protection Ireland is a fully active, certified instructor with Senshido International, as awarded by Senshido founder Richard Dimitri, he is also part of the Senshido European Coalition . Due to its very nature, Senshido is constantly evolving , being an active team member and instructor ensures your training with us is the most current Senshido training to date and is Internationally recognised.  Senshido  is continuously expanding; offering new and innovative services within more geographic boundaries.

One of our mottos is “Ask the Experienced, Not the Learned” and SPI is proud to say that our instructors are murtysubject-matter experts in the fields of Security, Policing, Military, Self-Protection, and Combatives.

Combined, our instructors have over 70 years of experience dealing and surviving real-world violence. It is this experience and combative sciences we offer you. SPI instructors specialise in understanding the psychological nature of pre-assault indicators, criminal manipulation tactics and set-ups and the physical tactics used in virtually any violent assault.

What sets SPI apart from all others?

Does your self defence  train you for multiple assailants.

Decades of Real-World experience in surviving and dealing with violence, proven sciences of tactical de-escalation and communicative strategies, proven awareness strategies to enhance overall personal safety and well being, and world-renowned physical tactics that can be applicable to anyone, despite gender, size or age that have empowered and saved hundreds of thousands of lives around the world from suffering violence.

Experience.. Proven Tactics.. Proven Sciences.. And a passion unparalleled to help you reach your  family safely.

These are but a few of what sets SPI apart from all others.

At Self Protection Ireland we believe in our duty of care and a sense of responsibility to every client  / student who trusts us with their time and employs our services.

                                                                           Client discretion is fully assured.

Self Protection Ireland