The most common modern-day attack:

Upon reading the title, one might conjure a vision of a new breed of MMA-trained bad guys, terrorists using Kalashnikovs and suicide vests. Truth is that, while those are (sadly) becoming common occurrences, monetary crimes are still king (and I am not talking about being held up at an ATM by a gun-toting criminal nor mugged in a dark alley by some junkie needing cash for his fix). While Personal Protection is an umbrella approach to self-defence, coving all aspects of Violence, how many of us really take the time to improve online safety? Someone once told me that Senshido, […]

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Online Safety – Private is exactly that, Private!

Private is exactly that, Private! In the world outside of social media, the real world, we automatically limit the information we give out in conversation by how well we know the recipient. We treat our personal Information on a need to know basis, does the world really need to know what time I go to the gym, when I’m going on holidays with my family? Of course not, so I don’t divulge such Information. We have all heard the stories of people posting on social media sites that they are off on holidays for a couple of weeks, even checking in […]

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