Why should I do classes on top of seminars?

Because at seminars you barely scratch the top of senshido. You can take 75 of them, you will have made yourself a huge favor by increasing your survivability dramatically.  Periodical semis are the best for people that don’t or won’t train on a regular basis.  Semis don’t make you a senshido apprentice or certainly not an instructor (Laughable).  Doing a senshido class on a regular basis will however change a lot.  When I see a clip of “innocent victim vs evil michelin man” the people participating are doing a great job (no sarcasm)… But most of the clips end with the ever entertaining double shred, each party latching on to the other’s face and wild catting the other. This is really a fail. In a senshido classen5oct07s where we have more time, this is corrected. How? Simply, we box, grapple, kickbox, mess with judo concepts, invite specialist in those discipline to help us.

I know what you are thinking and fuck off, I’m sick of hearing people with N0 skills default to the “Yeah but we are not about sport fighting!”  Principles of physics are universal, generating power, bio mechanically speaking is the same wether you sport fight or not.  We grapple so we instinctively know where to position our hips in a clinch (“dick in pocket” thank you Jim A. or clearing them)  in order not to be lifted or thrown off our feet.  We can keep someone off balance, We box to program range and to be able to move in without eating shots to “anchor” a shredd… We know how to slip to help us get out of the power box, we kickbox to tune our reaction to low line kicks and to deliver them without sacrificing balance, we do pad work to improve timing/speed/coordination, we do bag work for mechanical improvements, we use agility ladders to improve our ability to move.

Take all those attributes, integrate them and watch what happens to your primal combat skills.

Reverse the drill and try this… make the victim wear the michelin man costume, then have a very competent striker put on mma gloves and tell him to start slugging with all he’s got. See what you go through before you anchor…. Then lose the pillsbury doughboy suit and try with a helmet only.  In the old days we were confident because of our abilities to box, kickbox and grapple. Shredding just happened, no that ridiculous double shredd ….

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