Awareness, do you practice what you preach?

My Belgium brother Eric Lemaire once told me: “Self-defence, in a nutshell, boils down to three things: Who you are,  Where you are, and 0 What you are doing there”. The more I thought about this, the more sense it makes. Let’s explore this statement for a minute: Let us introduce our imaginary friend Joe Bloggs and use him as an example: Joe Bloggs works as a Nightclub door supervisor. While technically the same person, on-the-job Joe is different than sitting-at-home-with-his-elderly-father Joe, and again different from chilling-by-a-pool-with-a-cocktail-in-hand Joe. Why is Joe Bloggs different every time? Simple: his awareness levels vary […]

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Coming soon…Senshido’s Fundamentals of personal protection

Coming soon…. Senshido’s Fundamentals of personal protection is Senshido’s core concepts seminar. It is a prerequisite to any and all Senshido seminars. Your journey into the Senshido philosophies and teachings start right here!This seminar is suitable for the complete beginner to the experienced martial artist, be it traditional or combative martial arts.The Fundamentals delves deep into the Senshido core principles of self defense giving you the foundation for recognising and understanding confrontation and violence, as well as teaching you the skills to defuse and the strategies & tools to defend against. Offering the participants various strategies and formulas to avoid violence and […]

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Senshido Ireland is now moving to a permanent location in Dublin where we will be offering weekly Senshido classes and structured courses. We will also be offering weekly ‘functional combative fitness classes‘. These classes will be run by our fitness instructors who are all military physical training instructors certified by the Defence Forces School of Physical Culture and possess the National Certificate in Exercise and Fitness, and diet and nutrition as awarded by The University of Limerick. This will give you a unique opportunity to learn and train the entire Senshido  protective offence and functional combative fitness curriculum. We will […]

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Pressure testing – By Senshido Connecticut

A post by Senshido Connecticut’s better half: The concept of “pressure testing”……. Let me address this. There are those of you who may or may not have experienced the receiving end of what would be considered a violent attack. No judgment. There are those of you who may or may not have been involved on training that was “hard core” and it may have ended in bruises and lumps, and scratches and other injuries that you may or may not have bragged about the next day as “training injuries” ….. TRAINING injuries. The thing that is usually lacking is during […]

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