Surviving is winning

What is it about Senshido? Hi everyone. I’m Derek – all-round nice guy, 46-year-old father of two girls, loving husband with an enjoyable job, gentle, sensitive and with a keen interest in reading and writing, particularly history – oh yeah – and I’m mad about motorbikes. I love good food, a few pints, conversation, nature, and being a dad. I hate violence, but in fairness, loving history means that I’ve spent decades reading about it one way or another. The point is this: when asked to write a piece about Senshido, I can only truly explain it from my own […]

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We love our toys, I’m the first… how we love to show our friends the new “emerson” we carry. Looks great clipped on ready to go. Some of you might have other toys. Why not? It’s easy to sell instructionals/manuals/workshops and more… Man does it look good when the guy draws in one fluid motion and starts to thrust slash backcut the “invisible” foe in front of him…. One thing you have to grasp. The limitations of carrying an EDC/s : Here’s a few facts to consider: 1. Most people have a limited amount of time available to training. That […]

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Online Safety – Private is exactly that, Private!

Private is exactly that, Private! In the world outside of social media, the real world, we automatically limit the information we give out in conversation by how well we know the recipient. We treat our personal Information on a need to know basis, does the world really need to know what time I go to the gym, when I’m going on holidays with my family? Of course not, so I don’t divulge such Information. We have all heard the stories of people posting on social media sites that they are off on holidays for a couple of weeks, even checking in […]

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Networking hahahahahaha

Nothing against building contacts. But really… I never gave a flying fuck on a rolling donut what my “peers” think about what I do. I never needed anyone’s approval besides my clients. We, in the early days, looked forward. We developed and could not care less what others did or not do or said or not say. I always felt it gave me total teaching freedom. No rent, never had to buy expensive equipement, never marketed (nothing wrong with it) and left my clients happy and empowered. That simple, all I cared about. What I teach now is different than […]

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Why should I do classes on top of seminars?

Because at seminars you barely scratch the top of senshido. You can take 75 of them, you will have made yourself a huge favor by increasing your survivability dramatically.  Periodical semis are the best for people that don’t or won’t train on a regular basis.  Semis don’t make you a senshido apprentice or certainly not an instructor (Laughable).  Doing a senshido class on a regular basis will however change a lot.  When I see a clip of “innocent victim vs evil michelin man” the people participating are doing a great job (no sarcasm)… But most of the clips end with […]

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