We love our toys, I’m the first… how we love to show our friends the new

“emerson” we carry. Looks great clipped on ready to go. Some of you might
have other toys. Why not? It’s easy to sell
instructionals/manuals/workshops and more… Man does it look good when the
guy draws in one fluid motion and starts to thrust slash backcut the
“invisible” foe in front of him….

One thing you have to grasp. The limitations of carrying an EDC/s : Here’s
a few facts to consider:

1. Most people have a limited amount of time available to training. That
includes unarmed, firearm, fitness, EDCs…. Your main challenge is to
deploy under stress. Experts who spent hours practicing can’t, for the
most part, deploy a tucked in folder in a realistic no consent scenario.
retentionLEOs have a hard time accessing Pepper spray, carried in open holsters BTW,
15 ft of distance between them and their attackers. You will have to clear
clothing, create distance to do so obviously, not eat significant shots in
the process… and finally cut or pierce something significant…..
retentionRiiiiiggghht. So pre-deployment is key. Have it in your hand before the
shit hits the fan. “Yeah but my instructor can…..” Your instructor trains
30 fucking hours a week and I bet that he can barely draw under pressure
100% of the time. As the late Jeff Cooper once said:’ If you wind up in the
middle on a gun fight, and your carry piece is NOT in your hand already…
you are dead.’

2. If you understand the relation between stopping power and lethal force,
knives can be lethal but lack stopping power. People have fought on with
horrific cuts. There is little possibility of non-lethal stopping power
with blades. I can live with that…. You are justified or not.

3. EDCs are not a substitute for poor counter ambush skills, tactical
thinking and brains. Your opponents will have his tool/s in his hand when
he makes his moves where he thinks he has a clear advantage. If he has the
drop on you, you can carry anything you want. won’t help you.

4. You’re tools work as well for your attacker, understand the importance
of retention….

5. This applies to sprays, spikes, flashlights and co….

Don’t attribute powers to tools. It’s a huge mistake.

The Malevolent Preacher

Self Protection Ireland