From day 1, April 11th 1994 when I first opened the doors of Senshido at the arrogant age of 24, I’ve attracted some of the best humanity has to offer to surround me across the never ending journey. It’s what set us apart.  If you were a misfit, if you felt alone, if you felt like you didn’t belong anywhere and were or are regarded as the proverbial ‘black sheep’, a freak, deemed ‘insane’ or just felt completely out of place amongst the norms; you had a home with us at Senshido. For the most part, Senshido and I attracted […]

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Happy birthday Senshido

April 11th 1994, I opened Senshido International. It’s been 21 years exactly this weekend and the journey has been nothing short of a pure mind blowing adrenaline ride.  It feels like I’ve lived 7 different lifetimes in those 21 years. I was told I was never going to make it by most everyone. I was told I was too young to operate a martial arts school especially in the oversaturated city of Montreal at the time, there were a total of 9 different martial arts schools within an 8 block radius from where I opened, some of them with already […]

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The 5 Principles of Physical Retaliation AKA “The Shredder” Once struck, there are generally 5 different reactions a human being will have after getting struck.  The individual who has been struck can react in one or more of these ways.  In no particular order they are: To create distance.The individual hit will back up and move away to regroup or protect themselves. To clinch.The individual will close the distance and latch on defensively to the other who hit him. To counter strike.The individual struck strikes back immediately (with or without a weapon), no quarter given on the counter. Drops semi or fully […]

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