Recently I came around a clip where a man disarmed a mugger who was asking him for his wallet at gun point. Wow!!!! Success no? Here’s the catch, he did it in a public place, surrounded by other commuters. He wasted no time grabbing the gun and torquing it out of the guy’s hand. In the process, the muzzle pointed in many directions, including himself and the other commuters. Pardon me if I don’t jump up to congratulate the hero who in the process of saving his wallet and maybe his portable, exposed himself and sadly others to an accidental discharges. Maybe in this case, remaining calm and handing over his wallet would have been the appropriate thing to do. The chump would have left, no-one hurt… which is the prime directive of self preservation. Of course, no one can guarantee that the guy would not drill him just for kicks. But in this case, video showed that it was a straight mugging. Hand the wallet and be ready… or hand the wallet in a way that “aligns” a response….

Bottom line is that most self protection programs are based on the “Beat the crap out of your attacker” concept as oppose to “find a way to make it home in one piece.”

Remember this… If you judge that disarming a guy is imperative, and you are in public, understand these few basic points:
1. Controlling the gun means controlling where the muzzle points. In a crowd, your options are seriously limited.
2. The punk you are tussling with is NOT a trained operator and usually has very little to no trigger discipline.

So maybe handing your shit over is the better option, in certain scenarios. Your job is not to teach the punk a lesson that will jeopardize everyone around you.

Self defense is not black and white, it’s various shades of gray.

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