More traditional than traditional arts.

What we commonly refer to as traditional arts, at their origin, probably looked more like what we do at senshidmp-238x300o. Those centuries old arts were without a doubt, a product of their environment. For sure developed with an eclectic methodology, and were quite functional in the socio-cultural context of their application. Just like us. Believe it or not, we probably use the same “exploration/experimentation patterns as they did 500 years ago. It simply had to work….

For example, traditional Japanese weapons… Tonfas, sais, kamas…nunchuks… more… were used simply because swords and weaponery was illegal in the hands of simple peasants. Therefore they made due. Who in his right mind would chose a grain milling tool over a sword if he had the option. Those farm implements doubled as weapons.

Flying side kicks served a purpose… they were done by foot soldiers to knock people off horses. Try knocking someone out of their car lately?

So all this babbling to say that the problem with these arts is that they simply died. They stop breathing, they calcified. And now, people re-enact that martial past. So essentially, it is great to learn how they did it in the past… if it’s your goal, knock yourself out. But the relevancy to our times is minimal. People carry briefcases, drive cars, ride elevators, firearms… and much more.

If one wants to have a traditional perspective on martial arts, well maybe he or she should embrace the journey like the “originators” of various styles did. That is with a lot of experimentation, and open mind , willingness to adjust modify and discard continually. In other words “feed it, air it out, let the information flow move freely” …keeping it alive.

Enough bullshit, bottom line, don’t try to adjust the situation to the technique, make the technique work for the situation. It is what was done centuries ago….

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