The Malevolent preacher is back

Marc Ste Marie

Marc Ste Marie teaching in Germany 2015

So those of you who were familiar with the old Senshido forum  no doubt will remember Marc Ste Marie, also known as The Malevolent preacher (MP). Its been a long time since MP has made an appearance on any senshido forum or website so heres the good news,  Well hes back!  So lets get the discussions started. Welcome to his first post.


Hmmmm Let’s start this thing with a statement gentle readers… If you had to fight a guy off, don’t be too quick to celebrate. The reasons you got to that point was a succession of screw ups, tactical blunders that put you in a position where you had to rely on your fighting abilities to survive. You probably chose a risky way to get home and/or you ignore various signals consciously or not, you made assumptions that proved wrong, once you realized there was trouble, you were already committed. You fail to defuse the situation and then had to fight your way out.   So in short, bad tactics led you into contact.

Bad technique does not kill, bad tactics do.  I can, with my arthritic body take out Jon Jones (UFC champ) with one blow!!!! There’s a claim for you! You wanna know how? With a proper ambush I’ll hit him in the back of the head with a baseball bat! (oops sorry, euro forum… a cricket bat).   Most intelligent people agree with that. Go to any self defense workshops, 98% of the time is spent on ass beating and 2% on tactics. Like “lets show them how to stop drop and roll instead of how not to set yourself ablaze when you handle inflammable substances and matches”. DUH.

Counter ambush, situational reading skills, evasive maneuvers will do much more for your survival probabilities than actual fighting skills.  Any program not addressing that is simply Mickey Mouse. Fighting skills are for when all else fails.

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