First, this is my personal opinion, if the shoe fits.. wear it. Real self protection, admittedly is not “palatable”. The potential purchaser clings to a perception acquired in the media, TV and cinema. The topic makes him uncomfortable, the real issues makes him uncomfortable. In other words, serious self protection training is a nightmare to market.

What I loved about my situation is that I never banked on my teaching to make a comfortable living. So I taught it raw, honestly and if I went months without students …. no problems. If John Q. Public did not like the syllabus? Did not care. I never watered stuff down to make a buck. Will never do.

20150109_120411Sometimes I worry… so far I have rarely seen anyone making a decent living at this who has not altered, compromise on retooled his values to sell his programs. The big organizations will always water themselves down on their own. When you start selling affiliations at 2 to 10 thousand dollars a pop, standards drop. No matter what anybody assures me. Quality control my arse. Human nature….

I never certified anyone, never will, I have info to share, pay me… Showing me a certificate means shit to me. At the fear of committing heresy, I never gave a crap wether the senshido europe boys had a paper or not. I saw for myself that the lads are first class and would have made it with or without the senshido label. They are “that” good. Knowing Rich, he saw the same.

As Billionaire Mark Cuban said: “only acquire companies that would make it with or without you” . The freedom to develop your material, when you don’t have a care in the world if it will sell or not is awesome. Lineage… affiliation…. the things give me a freaking headache.

The Malevolent Preacher.

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