Huh? During my experimentation with bladed and blunt weapons, this phenomena would happen….  When a guy had a tool, it became his fixation to use it. He forgot everything he learnt about unarmed combat and he basically only worked his “tool”…. ignoring and /or forgetting to integrate all his other hand to hand skills. Well… dunno how to break it to you folks but watching clips after clips the same is happening to the shredder.

First thing first, to my dismay, the attackers are too often looking to anchor a ‘shred” and the guy who is the “victim” passes 3 opportunities (Did I say opportunity?) to land a significant strike because he wants to shred!!!!???!!!  I thought opportunity striking was one of the Ps? So a well initiated simulation with the verbal/emotional intent ends into a shredding contest between padded man and non-padded dude, who both are anchored to each other’s head and shredding. Makes for an intense clip with the grunting an all but besides entertainment value there is not much.  Second, we are so intent onshredder_logo_gray_web shredding that we forgot to integrate grappling to maneuver behind or out of the kill box. Advance student or wannabe instructors need a basic grasp of wrestling so they can move their hips to break the balance.  What is wrong with landing a strike from punching range if the OPPORTUNITY is there? To default automatically to shredding is dumb as shit. Especially when you passed up the OPPORTUNITY to land a devastating low line kick and/or a crushing hand strike.

If your simulations look like the world shredding championship’s finals “Padded man against the world”… It’s a fail. Attackers have to attack like attackers, pumping fists and all that nonsense. So the simulations might not be as real as you would like to think. In the late 80s and early 90s, we spent a lot of time doing pad work and sparring, we used these “sports” to better our timing, striking mechanics and defensive skills.  Quite often a simulation never made it to shredding, the attacker got dropped before.  One of the concerns I had 20 years ago was just that….  The shredder is a powerful tool, the 5Ps at 100 miles per hour… like all tools, if you don’t understand how to use them, you mess up.

Other skills need to be integrated.  The great thing about the shredder? you can be good at it with a minimum of training. Better start allocating training time on other complimentary skills that will optimize his efficiency.


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