Welcome to Senshido Ireland

Senshido International instructor certificate

Senshido International instructor certificate

After 2 years a Senshido International affiliate and apprentice instructor, at last Ireland has its very own fully fledged Senshido International team member. Now, we take self defence to a whole new level…Welcome to Senshido Ireland

Senshido’s first mission is survival. At its heart, it is a reality-based self-defense system. This means, in essence, it teaches survival skills for real world violent situations. It helps prepare you for the worst, by drawing out the elemental and instinctive self-defence tools we all have.

Senshido’s second mission, and one that is increasingly coming to define its focus and outlook as an international movement, is peace. Peace through self-development. Peace through transcending the triggers to spark or engage in violence.

Senshido is so much more than self-defence; it is a developed system that delves into the psychological triggers of violence, deconstructing the ego, and setting a foundation for comprehensive transformation of persons and communities.
Richard Dimitri

Mick is an amazing teacher who has a passion for self protection and helping others. I met up with Mick in October 2014 and was very impressed with his knowledge and skill. If you want no nonsense self protection then Mick is your man.

           -Jim Armstrong- Raw combatives

Mick O’Brien is one of the leading personal safety and security professionals in the world today. He is one of the most exceptional instructors I have ever met in my professional career. He is down-to-earth, kind-hearted, fun, exciting, passionate, extremely knowledgeable, and possess an uncanny ability to transmit functional combative and personal protection principles to his clients that can be used virtually with no training. Mick has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and tactics and has streamlined it for the complete beginner to the seasoned real-world combat veteran. From housewives and corporate individuals to Military, Law Enforcement and Corrections – Mick has the ability to impart the most realistic behaviorally-based personal protection and combatives training anyone can offer. It is my professional and personal opinion that if you want to enhance your survival, you will train with Mick O’Brien of Self-Protection Ireland. Malachi Bond, Owner/Operator Senshido Alaska – Senshido International Team Member, Combatives and Protective Offense Trainer

            -Malachi Bond-Senshido Interational team member-Operating Manager at SAFE International – Alaska

Mick rocks. He’s also both a perfect fit and great addition to the Senshido International roster of misfit warriors, a passionate teacher with heart and soul. Never mind that no one can understand a fucking word he says though and that I had to watch his youtube clips 3895847983464876876 times just to make out the words and explain them to my son who loves his clips especially those he manhandles the Fahmy. Word son. Word.

                    -Richard Dimitri-Senshido founder

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