A review of Senshido Ireland from one of our students

We just received a very nice testimonial from one of our students Derek Molyneux. Derek is the Author of the soon to be released long awaited book on the 1916 Easter rising ‘When the clock struck’.

Self Protection/Senshido Ireland offers training that is completely unique. It stands alone in its ability to teach the client in a way that draws from the realities of how a confrontation or an attack affects the potential victim on every level. I emphasise the word potential here, because the last thing you will be after experiencing this training is a victim.
Mick and the crew will take you initially into the psychology of how a target is selected by an aggressor. You will learn and develop physical and verbal avoidance strategies which are extremely effective yet easy to learn and adapt to. Following on from this you will be introduced to every facet of what an unwanted violent encounter will present. In this regard I found that the training is second to none. The shattering emotions are explored and broken down into their physical and psychological manifestations, allowing the student to familiarise him or herself with them, and become somewhat comfortable with them. The benefits of this cannot be overstated.
The training then deals with the physical aspects of assault, and many of the various tactics to deal with it. Nothing is spared. Violent scenarios are played out in a highly pressurised format, as this is the only realistic way to ensure that they will actually be useful should they ever be called into play. The emphasis here is on drilling, and drilling again and again until the appropriate responses develop into something in the realm of second nature to the student.
It must be borne in mind here that the training is supervised by people who have spent decades dealing with confrontation on an almost daily basis, whether that be in the military, law enforcement or otherwise. These guys have walked the walk….
It is fun, ugly, difficult and challenging, but for it to be otherwise would be an injustice. This training will fortify you on every level, enforcing your ability not just to handle situations on the street, but in every day life as well.
No expense is spared by Self Protection/Senshido Ireland in supplying the tools that facilitate the training. It is highly professional in this regard. Full body armour is worn during drilling. They don’t teach you to hold back, or miss, yet great respect is de1509859_392555090886196_9149014059237013755_nmanded and reciprocated during the training scenarios which are always followed by a handshake. You will be bruised and exhausted by the end of a class but your efforts will not be wasted, that is a certainty.
Life these days is extremely haphazard. Every day we hear of new horror stories of pointless attacks on people. People who left their homes or workplaces with everyday intentions who through no fault of their own, end up in hospital or worse. Their lives are shattered, as are the lives of their loved ones and for what? Nobody invites this upon themselves, yet how often have we heard; why him, why her, WHY ME??!! Self Protection Ireland offers you a means of arming yourself with the tools to prevent and protect both you and your loved ones. It is truly invaluable.

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