Is it a person who has been attacked and hasn’t survived? Is it also a person who has been attacked or abused several times? Is it a person who hangs their head low while walking down the street in a fear stricken and submissive state in anticipation of violence and abuse? Is it a person who looks a certain way, lives a certain way, talks a certain way? Is it a certain personality type, psychological or social profile, or is it a mindset, a perception of oneself? It’s hard to say really, if you ask most people a victim is […]

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What is Senshido

An Interview with Rich Dimitri By Phil Elmore Rich Dimitri, the man behind Senshido. What is Senshido?  Senshido literally translates to “The way of 1000 masters.” I chose an oriental name at the time (1993) because reality based systems and names weren’t quite as common or as accepted then as they are today.  I originally looked for a Chinese name but, if I remember correctly, “The way of 1000 masters” in Chinese was “Wong Fu Tien Si” and I didn’t want people calling me up for an order of egg rolls and fried rice.  Senshido (a Japanese name) translated well and The way of […]

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A Thought Provoking Interview With Senshido founder Rich Dimitri

The following interview with Rich Dimitri was done by Anthony Colpo: Those of you into reality-based self-defense (RBSD) have likely heard of Richard “Senshido” Dimitri; several years ago he seemingly came out of nowhere to become a central figure in the RBSD arena, alongside well known figures like Tony Bauer and Geoff Thompson. Rich Dimitri’s rise has had little to do with clever advertising or crafty self-promotion – he doesn’t do any. Rather, his success is owed to the grassroots popularity of a highly effective fighting concept known as the “Shredder”. In March of this year I had the pleasure of meeting […]

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