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Senshido’s Fundamentals of Personal Protection

The Fundamentals delves deep into the Senshido core principles of self defense giving you the foundation for recognizing and understanding confrontation and violence, as well as teaching you the skills to defuse and the strategies & tools to defend against. Offering the participants various strategies and formulas to avoid violence and establish peace as well as the physical tools if a peaceful resolution is no longer an option.

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Senshido’s Safe for Life: Women’s Program

If you’ve clicked on this portion of our web site, then chances are you are either a woman concerned with your personal safety or that of your family and loved ones, or a man concerned for the safety of one of his female loved ones.

It’s an unfortunate and sad reality that many women worldwide live in ignorance, apathy and denial when it comes to dealing with violence and the threat of violence. Senshido’s Safe for Life Women’s Program is and has been empowering women and globally reducing rape statistics since 1994.

Please help eradicate violent rape by sharing this page with any and all women you know and care for.

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Senshido’s Revolutionary Shredder Concept

Used by military agencies, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, nurses, presidential security teams, counter terrorist units, swat teams and martial artists the world over. The notorious Shredder concept is an extreme close quarter tool and tactic suitable and ideal for extreme close quarter attacks such as grappling, rapes, muggings, clinches, tackles, headlocks, lapel grabs and any and every attacks in close quarter situations. It is by far the easiest, quickest and most efficient tool the average civilian can learn to protect and defend themselves in almost any and all close quarter situations.

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Senshido’s Outnumbered but not Outgunned

Dealing with multiple attackers, gangs and groups. Being outnumbered doesn’t automatically mean you will be victimized, that is an unfortunate fallacy perpetrated by many who simply don’t possess the information or experience to be able to do it or teach it themselves and that’s fine, but to lump everyone in the same category is imposing their own shortcomings onto others.

That is primarily because the majority of self defense systems only deal with the physical side of fights and not the reality of pure and applied self defense.

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Senshido’s Submission Termination

Do 90% of all street fights end up on the ground? Maybe, only if the victim’s close quarter arsenal is deficient or an unforeseen variable made gravity take its toll. Whether that statement is true or false is immaterial. What we do know is that real physical violence can lead the situation to the ground and so arming yourself with the necessary skill to learn to end fights before, during or after they hit the ground becomes critical for anyone interested or concerned about pure and applied self protection.

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Senshido’s Get R.E.A.L. Seminar

This seminar is a more advanced workshop where the participants get to test the skills they acquired in the Fundamentals and Shredder workshops in full out scenarios incorporating both the pre-contact and physical stages.

Scenarios are created & reflect the participant’s lifestyle and are based on Senshido’s world renowned Scenario Replication Package used by law enforcement & martial artists the world over.

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Senshido’s Walk the Talk

The Walk the Talk seminar delves deeper into self defense for self development and dealing with our own ego and darker emotions. It is the cornerstone of pure and applied self defense in terms of facing violence.

It is also a way to insure that you do not become what it is you are defending against.

Not your typical martial arts workshop, this seminar focuses more on the strengthening of the self in a holistic and broader manner.

As we proverbially are our own worst enemies, this workshop delves into the darker emotions manifested by our egos such as personal fears, insecurities, hatred, anger, rage, jealousy, revenge and more.

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Customized Senshido Seminars

Designed for:

  • Professionals
  • Women movements and organizations
  • Public transport staff
  • Corporate
  • Travellers
  • Health and social care
  • Schools (high school, college, university, for staff and students)
  • Security (public or private)
  • Military and law enforcement
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