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We are truly honored to receive testimonials from our friends and clients, although anyone can put testimonials on their website, we only put up those that have touched our hearts, from people we know have written them from their hearts. Much respect to you guys 🙂 This page will continue to grow.

Any absolute must for any woman who takes her personal safety seriously. Training with these lads brings a new dimension to realism in self protection. Scenario training allows you to experience what your new found skills allow you to achieve and pressure tests the stratagies you learn. From identifying and avoiding potential threats to dealing with physical attacks on both an emotional and physical level, this brand of training shows the psychology behind attacks and how to safety avoid and deal with an attacks. ladies if your looking for practical training that well be invaluable to your safety, book a seminar with these guys.Cathy Kavanagh, Mother.
These guys are the best. Working with people who can ACTUALLY explain what REAL "self defence" IS, and then, them delivering results that I, as small framed woman, could actually apply under a pressure, properly, accurately, under various conditions, with different "partners", explaining what the true nature of what violence is.Mia Cappozie, Team member
I jointly taught a series of seminars with Mick in Scotland in June 2014 and can safely say that he is an excellent instructor and a consummate professional, deeply caring about his students' well-being and survival. He is able to articulate the Why and the How eloquently and succinctly and uses his real-world experience to teach and inspire. Go train with him!Georges Fahmy, Senshido International Team member
This seminar was great for me personally. I contacted Mick and explained that doctors had told me to avoid contact sports unless supervised by a medical professional due to a heart condition. I am a proud owner of a pacemaker but this underlying condition does not exempt me from being attacked. Mick arranged a medic on stand by which gave me the confidence to feel free and learn the techniques that hopefully I will never have to use. Doctors have said I am a vulnerable member of society but guess what? I don't feel so vulnerable now. Great seminar thanks guysFrank Carolan, Soldier Irish Army
You will read words like professional, knowledgeable, highly skilled, and so on when it comes to Senshido Ireland’s Mick O’Brien. While they are all more than appropriate descriptions they can’t truly convey the depth of passion and attention to detail that Mick brings to the world of self-protection. Training with him revealed to me the extent of how much he values the people he serves. He seems driven by a moral imperative to be of genuine benefit to anyone who can make use of his services. I have seen him go above and beyond for many people where others would have understandably faltered. Mick embodies what you would ideally want from a teacher in any field of study. He offers patience, caring, thoroughness and strives to leave no one behind.
It should go without saying that Mick brings a wealth of verifiable experience that I find rare even amongst some of our most prolific industry leaders. He reveals this through his comprehensive understanding of the finer nuances of live violence training. I found him to have an uncanny ability to empathize with everyone he shares his time with and instil a powerful sense of personal confidence. You only get to this kind of understanding and authoritative ability after decades of immersion in martial science. Bottom line, this man knows what he is talking about and has put the time in to learn his craft at the highest level. The true measure of Senshido Ireland rests not only in Mick’s capable hands but also his team of formidable instructors that work together to deliver a quality self-protection and personal security training service. I have no reservation in recommending any of the Senshido Ireland team. They are a great bunch of guys with a sincere dedication to customer service and satisfaction. Even though the training can at times cut to the heart of the fears and risks that relate to violence the guys consistently create a family oriented environment that inspires authentic personal development. This is the sort of personal development that can help so many transcend the lasting consequences of violence. If you, a friend or a loved one want to learn how to protect yourself from emotional, psychological and worst case scenario physical conflict then reach out to Senshido Ireland today.  
Mark Lee, Real World Combatives Head Instructor, 5th Dan Jujitsu
The real McCoy lads that walk the walk and talk the talkPaul Kenny – Self employed
Its been a couple of days since the seminar with Senshido Ireland hosting Richard Dimitri in Dublin and I've had some time to digest some of the material. The guys, Rich and Mick, are a wealth of info and experience. The shit that these guys must have gone through to gain this experience, for which I'm very greatful, doesn't bear thinking about. The seminar itself is conducted in a fun informal way but emphasised the seriousness of the subject matter when needed. Any question was answered, no problem, very clearly. The drills give you a taste of the physical aspect of self defence. Scratches, bruises and a couple of little bumps and lumps are the norm but well worth it if a lesson is learned, lol. The other guys attending were a mix of ordinary joes with different levels of experience in martial arts but that didn't hamper their enthusiasm. You guys rock! I couldn't recommend these guys enough and look forward to Rich's return next year. Till then, thank you and stay safe.Joe Byrne – Taxi Driver
"As Richard Dimitri said in a seminar I attended, the most vulnerable people in society are Women, Children and the Elderly, as a woman I decided to be proactive about my safety and 3 years ago I attended my first self defence class. I had the good fortune of attending a Senshido seminar in Dublin and it was the best decision I ever made. I had no previous experience so I was nervous but my instructor Mick and everyone attending were welcoming and friendly. I found the class informative, the techniques easy to master and it was all done in a safe, fun and relaxed environment, after just a few hours I had learned techniques and tools that I felt would increase my chances of surviving an attack. I have been a fan of Senshido and Richard Dimitri ever since. In my opinion Senshido works for everyone, you don't have to be big or strong, the tools you learn can be used by young and old alike and that's what makes Senshido the best and most realistic self defence available. I had the pleasure of attending a 2 day seminar with Richard in Dublin a few days ago, I found him to be very friendly, funny and humble, he made himself available to everyone one a one to one basis and was happy to answer all our questions and queries. He is a very gifted speaker and I would recommend that if you get the chance to work and learn from Richard to grab it with both hands, you won't regret it". JackieJackie – Wife, Mother, Daughter.
I love this course , it's suitable for women of all ages and fitness levels . It teaches simple, realistic techniques, both physical and emotional, that every woman needs to know to keep herself safe. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself, highly recommended.Jackie Crinion , Housewife, 6 week course participant
You changed my life, literary, you changed it! I cannot recommend you guys enough to anybody, everybody.Jessica Forde, Mother/Daughter/sister and wife.
The only problem I have with Mick O’Brien is that I didn’t meet him 10 years ago!! What a fantastic way  to sharpen your pre-existing martial prowess.Robert Ging Garda Sgt.
If anyone wants to learn Senshido/self-protection techniques you have to be trained by Mick!!!! He is absolutely wonderful and the best instructor that I've ever trained with. Not only have I gained expert self protection techniques but his training also boosted my self confidence to a level I didn't think was possible. I highly recommend his seminars and workshops or one on one's to anyone wanting to better themselves!!!!!!!!!Sylwia Szczypta, Director of Ireland T&T Ltd

Over the past few weeks I have been fortunate to train with Mick O’Brien and the team from Self Protection Ireland based in Dublin, on the Senshido “Fundamentals of Personal Protection” and “Shredder” seminars.

 To be honest, I had very high expectations for both seminars, having completed the course with Senshido founder Richard Dimitri during April 2012 in Montreal, when I attended the course held by Wes Derequito, Ara Academy and Chris Roberts, Safe International.

 I was not disappointed!!

 Mick has a no BS approach to teaching and has an excellent interpretation of the Senshido legacy, which was incepted by Richard Dimitri during 1994 in Montreal.

 This is not line dancing or an attempt to model traditional A, B, C techniques with a compliant opponent.  Mick delivers an honest and refreshing approach to the three key parts of a confrontation – pre-fight, in-fight and post-fight thinking and combative tactics.

 During the seminars we all experienced several combative drills – tool and target development, conflict management, mirror drills and can openers.  Basic shredder to enhanced shredder drills, followed by pressure testing our training with the monkey in the middle drill.  At the end of the course were we awarded with black belts, certificates or medals?  No, we all had far greater souvenirs – bumps, bruises, scrapes and busted fingers!!

 In over 28 years of training with many of the best Judo and Jiu Jitsu Sensei’s and RBSD instructors, this ranks as one of the best seminars I have ever attended.

 If you want to learn how to swim, you have to dive into the swimming pool and get wet.  If you want to learn Senshido’s 5 principles of physical retaliation and the correct warrior mind-set, you will not learn it from a book, a DVD or on YouTube! 

 Do yourself a favour and book a course with Mick and SPI.

 You need to feel it to really experience it and bang hard during training.

 The Guinness and food is also very good!

                                          – Mark Griffith- Applied Jiu Jitsu Sandan, Judo and Aikido Shodan, Combatives Junkie


Self Protection Ireland offers training that is completely unique. It stands alone in its ability to teach the client in a way that draws from the realities of how a confrontation or an attack affects the potential victim on every level. I emphasis the word potential here, because the last thing you will be after experiencing this training is a victim.Mick and the crew will take you initially into the psychology of how a target is selected by an aggressor. You will learn and develop physical and verbal avoidance strategies which are extremely effective yet easy to learn and adapt to. Following on from this you will be introduced to every facet of what an unwanted violent encounter will present. In this regard I found that the training is second to none. The shattering emotions are explored and broken down into their physical and psychological manifestations, allowing the student to familiarise him or herself with them, and become somewhat comfortable with them. The benefits of this cannot be overstated. The training then deals with the physical aspects of assault, and many of the various tactics to deal with it. Nothing is spared. Violent scenarios are played out in a highly pressurised format, as this is the only realistic way to ensure that they will actually be useful should they ever be called into play. The emphasis here is on drilling, and drilling again and again until the appropriate responses develop into something in the realm of second nature to the student.It must be borne in mind here that the training is supervised by people who have spent decades dealing with confrontation on an almost daily basis, whether that be in the military, law enforcement or otherwise. These guys have walked the walk….It is fun, ugly, difficult and challenging, but for it to be otherwise would be an injustice. This training will fortify you on every level, enforcing your ability not just to handle situations on the street, but in every day life as well. No expense is spared by Self Protection Ireland in supplying the tools that facilitate the training. It is highly professional in this regard. Full body Armour is worn during drilling. They don’t teach you to hold back, or miss, yet great respect is demanded and reciprocated during the training scenarios which are always followed by a handshake. You will be bruised and exhausted by the end of a class but your efforts will not be wasted, that is a certainty.Life these days is extremely haphazard. Every day we hear of new horror stories of pointless attacks on people. People who left their homes or workplaces with everyday intentions who through no fault of their own, end up in hospital or worse. Their lives are shattered, as are the lives of their loved ones and for what? Nobody invites this upon themselves, yet how often have we heard; why him, why her, WHY ME??!! Self Protection Ireland offers you a means of arming yourself with the tools to prevent and protect both you and your loved ones. It is truly invaluable.

-Derek Molyneux – Author –When The Clock Struck.

Hi Mick,

I thought it would be nice to let you know the Senshido course was fantastic. I was already familiar with their concepts, but the keyword here is Relevance. I was impressed how relevant to real life violence this is. No doubt this is the best we will ever get to analysing real violence and learning from it in a controlled environment. Oh, the other very nice aspect of that of the teachers: they were always checking to make sure we were following every single point; step by step. I had great fun with really good laughs. I will definitely recommend this to interested people and shall carry this learning very dearly. Thanks for that


This was my first time for any type of self-defence, and I wasn’t at all sure what to expect!! The practical hands on approach takes you completely out of your comfort zone, but in a safe and controlled environment and give you the knowledge and skills to avoid potentially threatening situations and if necessary how to deal with them physically. I feel significantly more confident and empowered, despite my perceived feeling of weakness, I do have the power to defend myself and more effectively!!!  I am sill buzzing at the thoughts of being able to launch Paul off his feet. This seminar was excellent value for money and a must for all women. You won’t regret it!!

-Jessica Quinn- Staff nurse and mother of three.

Due to the increase of knife crime and assaults in Dublin we decided to run a seminar with Senshido Ireland for our members. Initially the seminar was to be run for just the team, but the Senshido guys encouraged us to bring wife’s , girlfriends and teenage kids along . I speak on behalf of the team when I say this was the best event we have run this year. The information we received was priceless along with the drills to heighten our awareness. Pride of place went to time spent on de-escalating a potential situation using  passive behaviour and body language, something most of us have never been exposed to before (this was really good fun).The  physical part of the day was  both gruelling and tiring but the end result was empowering. We will have these guys back again soon as we are in the process of organising a womens rape prevention course for our community. I highly recommend any community organisation to do the same; you won’t be disappointed .A full review of this event will be featured in our monthly newspaper.  

Many thanks for an extremely fun and interesting day.