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Senshido Europe™


Senshido has been adopted by many military units worldwide.

Senshido Europe is a European coalition of both male and female Senshido instructors across Europe with facilities and operations in Belgium, Ireland, Finland and Germany. The collective goal is to provide clientele with the very best, scientifically supported, and continuously updated self-defence, protective strategies and counter-violence training available world-wide. Each Senshido Europe trainer comes from different backgrounds ranging from the private security industry, Law enforcement officers to professional soldiers with  years of hands-on experience operating in hostile environments and  dealing with violent confrontations . These experiences have been one of the pillars in which our teachings have been founded upon in order to bring your training to the next level. Empowerment comes from our world-renown training methodologies and the development of each participant comes from the heartfelt care and empathy that each trainer provides, having actually worked in, lived through and survived violence.

Senshido Europe offers specialised training camps, workshops, lectures, and instruction in the following subjects:

 Military grade Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance & Anti-Surveillance 

 Counter-Abduction Measures for high-risk individuals ☩ 

 Workplace Violence Prevention and Counter-Measures  

  Fortified Homes™ Counter-Home Invasion    Home & Office Security Measures 

 Transportation Safety Measures & Counter-Car Jacking  Counter-Stalking Measures 

 Regional and International Travel Planning, Safety& Security Measures for High-Risk Individuals 

 Tactical De-Escalation & Hostile Confrontation Management 

  Pre- & Post – Incident Concerns – Pre-Assault & Threat Indicators 

 Functional Fitness and Natural Human Movement 

 Combat Science Technologies™ Holistic Scenario Replication Formulas 

 Force-on-Force Scenario Simulations   Corporate & Executive Security Training 

 Real-World Weapon/Counter-Weapon Training   Combative martial arts 

 Individualised Personal Protection   Small Group/Family Protective Measures &Self-Defence 

 World-Renowned Safe for Life™ Women’s Program ☩ 

☩  Guardian Angel: Protecting our Children from Predators ☩

 The Shredder™ A Close-Quarter Conceptual Tool   Customised Courses and Programs 

 Submission Termination™ Real-World Ground Fighting 

 Outnumbered but not Outgunned™ Multiple Attacker/Gang Assault Survival 

                                                                 And so much more!

Decades of real world experience from the very best in the business on surviving and dealing with violence . proven sciences of tactical de-escalation and communicative strategies, proven awareness strategies to enhance overall personal safety and well being, and world-renowned physical tactics that can be applicable to anyone, despite gender, size or age that have empowered and saved hundreds of thousands of lives around the world from suffering violence

.Experience.. Proven Tactics.. Proven Sciences.. and a passion unparalleled to help you reach your family safely.

This is but a taste of what Senshido Europe has to offer!

Senshido Europe conducts local, national and international consultations, seminars, lectures and workshops.

If you, your club or organisation are curious about Senshido or you are interested in hosting a seminar or course you can contact any of the European team by Clicking here. or visiting us at

We are available as individual instructors and also as a team to facilitate our clients needs anywhere in the world.

                                         Train Realistically to Survive Reality™